Geocaching with an Android Tablet: NeonGeo

I thought I’d do a quick post to show some of the neat caching apps that work great with Android 3.x (Honeycomb)

Taking a tablet with you in to the woods is probably a bad idea, they can be great for planning while in the car as the extra screen space is really great!

The first app I thought I’d briefly cover is NeonGeo. This app is really nice and also runs great on phones!

NeonGeo is rapidly becoming one of the more popular geocaching apps for Android.

It uses’s live API so for that site it is a really good tool (better than the official app in my opinion)

The main drawback is that it seems to treat non-gc sourced caches as points of interest rather than actual caches, meanign you don’t get proper descriptions etc for them. This is a minor annoyance, but given that the app specifically states it is GC centric I suppose we take what we have to.

NeonGeo allows you to grab GC caches on the fly, but also allows import via GPX and has a wonderfully tidy interface.

NeonGeo's Main Page

NeonGeo's Main Page

The map interface is pretty stunning:

NeonGeo Map

NeonGeo Map

It’s pretty intuitive, simply tap on a cache an it will highlight it in the lower right list. Long pressing gives you options to set as Target, Navigate, Log etc

Through the settings you can also point it to other map servers. It also caches maps for offline use.

Cache Lists:

The cache listing page is pretty tidy:

Tapping a cache gives you a very clean cache listing with all the logs:

From this page you can also navigate to the cache, log the cache or even edit the listing.

The only downside of this app is that caches on other sites are relegated to the POI Tab:

And they lose any cache information:




Once a cache has been targeted you can use the compass on the map page:

Alternativley it has a radar feature:


NeonGeo is right up there as arguably one of the top caching apps on the market right now.

It works wonderfully on a tablet.

Its user interface is clean and polished and the developers should be proud of their achievements.

The live interface to’s database is nice and works well and the GPX import is quick.

It all works pretty well, and I do use it on my phone as well.

If it handled other caches a bit better it would probably replace my current app as my go-to app.

NeonGeo is available for a small fee on the Android Market

(Requires Android 2.0 or later)









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