Geocaching with an Android Tablet: NeonGeo

I thought I’d do a quick post to show some of the neat caching apps that work great with Android 3.x (Honeycomb)

Taking a tablet with you in to the woods is probably a bad idea, they can be great for planning while in the car as the extra screen space is really great!

The first app I thought I’d briefly cover is NeonGeo. This app is really nice and also runs great on phones!

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Seriously, stop doing this crap

Hey, Android using Geocachers,

How about when you go in to the market and load other apps to try them out you stop posting one star ‘c:geo is better’ posts when you obviously haven’t grasped what the other caching app is trying to do….

Here’s an example from GeoHunters page (just one of many):

Now here’s the thing: c:geo isn’t better… can it handle non- GC sourced caches properly: No

Can it load a 2000+ GPX file in under an eternity? No

Yes, c:geo has some very strong points when it comes to GC caches, but apps like GeOrg etc are actually far more powerful. It’s not THE answer to geocaching, far from it.

For the sake of all that is good, STFU about c:geo in other caching app reviews unless it is actually relevant. Your ignorance is showing.

August 30, 2011 · Craig · One Comment
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Using GSAK and Dropbox with your Android Geocaching apps

Here’s a little method I use to keep all my GPX based caching apps up to date with the latest cache information from your GSAK database.

It requires you to install Dropbox on both your GSAK PC and your Android device (link).

Dropbox for those who don’t know, is a cloud based file storage and synchronisation service that is available for free, and is an incredibly easy way to make sure you have the latest files on all your devices.

You get 2GB as standard with their free account option, plus you can pay for more storage if you feel you need it. You need to sign up to use the Dropbox service)

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Version reviewed:

I’ve been a bit busy of late, but I thought I’d better get some posts up of a few apps I’ve been using over the last few months.

Todays app is GeOrg.

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Google Maps: Now Downloadable (officially)

We’ve probably all got tools that download google map tiles for offline use (Oruxmaps, Locus etc) but now the Google Maps online app (V5.7) allows you to download areas of interest for use when you have no live data connection.

A very welcome addition!

To enable this feature,  update your Google Maps app, launch it then go  Menu->More->Labs

See the Google Blog for details!

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c:geo Lives!

As expected by ourselves and others, some fine folk have grabbed the c:geo code and released an Open Source version

c:geo – opensource is now in the android Market

I think we can all say ‘Hooray’ now, can’t we?

July 9, 2011 · Craig · Comments Closed
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c:geo: Farewell and Goodnight

There’s been an interesting post over on Carnero’s Blog about the fate of a lot of people’s favourite Android Geocaching app, c:geo.

It seems that he’s pulling the plug on c:geo development after becoming frustrated with Groundspeak’s TOS, API and other acronyms

We wish Carnero well in his future endeavours, and hopefully someone will grab c:geo and make it even more awesome!

June 27, 2011 · Craig · One Comment
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Feedback Time – Tell us *Your* Top 5

Androidcaching logo

I’m currently putting together a page of what *I* think are the top 5 Geocaching apps out there, but I’m curious as to what Android Geocaching Apps *YOU* use.

Leave a comment with your Top 5 apps (or your favorite 2 or 3 apps) and we’ll post some kind of results at some stage.

This will help me figure out what to review next for others. I’m hoping that I’m grabbing the obvious apps, but I know I’m missing a few that should be reviewed.

I’m aware I haven’t done a review of the Groundspeak app yet. In all honesty (given my roles elsewhere) I find it hard to write a review of this app without my biases getting the better of me. BUT, if you use it, and like it, put it in your comments. I think I’m at a point where I COULD do a review based purely on capabilities and leave the politics of geocaching aside.

So, PLEASE, give us your top 5 and help me help you and others make informed decisions about what are the the must-have apps to put on their devices!

March 4, 2011 · Craig · 2 Comments
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Review: GCC (GeoCache Calculator)

Version Reviewed: 1.0.0

Every now and then you grab an app from the market on a whim, sometimes you stumble apon crap, other times you unearth a gold nugget. GCC is the latter. Simply brilliant.

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February 21, 2011 · Craig · 4 Comments
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Review: CacheMate

Reviewed Version: V1.3.6

I used to be a big user of CacheMate in one of its other permutations on my old Palm PDA, and found it to be a great tool back then, so I was very interested in seeing what the Android version was going to be like.

Its market description is brief, but to the point:

Currently the most feature-packed geocaching database and navigation tool for Android, with travel bug management, multimedia logs, and live searching of

The app is what I’d call mid-priced at $7 US and has some pretty stiff competition, ironically not from the more expensive apps, but from the cheaper/free apps that reside in the marketplace.

So… what is it like?

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